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Personnalise tes gants
Fabriqués aux USA

adidas customized gloves : made in the USA

They fight with adidas customized gloves

More and more top professional boxers are wearing the adidas customized gloves “Made in USA” !

Ryan Garcia
Kingry x The Flash

Abner Mares Martinez

Alycia Baumgardner

Julian Anthony Sosa

Nikki Adler

Thomas "Cornflake" LaManna

Wanik Awdijan

Heather Hardy

How to order your custom ?

Use our glove generator and select your glove and color for each of its parts.

1) Choose type of glove

We provide 3 styles of gloves : Lace-Up Fight Gloves, Velcro Lace-Up Training Gloves.

2) Customize your glove

Select glove parts, one at a time and choose its color.

3) Confirm your style

Make sure you like what you have created.

4) Production

We build your gloves in the USA within 4-6 weeks after receiving your order.

5) Shipping

Your gloves are shipped via DHL, UPS or Fedex.

6) Enjoy

Win your fights like a champion with unique gloves made in the USA and created by YOU !

Pro testimonials

Here is what they are saying about their Customized “Made in USA” glove.

Welcome to the new adidas fully customized gloves, which is made in the USA by the way. Not only look great but feel great.

-Chris Algieri

Focus. Testing out my new custom bag gloves by @adidasboxing.

-Heather Hardy

That NEW NEW ! adidas boxing coming through their first fully customized gloves. Things feel good!!!

-Luke Rockhold

Wind und Regen? Kein Problem! Je kälter es draußen ist, desto schöner ist es im Gym 😊

-Nikki Adler

Finished some bag work with them new customized adidas boxing floves 👊

-Wanik Awdijan

Now I just need to set up a fight to put them to use.

-Jessie Vargas

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